Meet Nick, Trenton and Trace

How does this match work?

JUMP for Kids requests the mentors and mentees set aside at least one hour a week to spend together doing things that they choose and are generally no cost. It’s pretty common to see this trio playing catch at a local park, riding go-karts at Nick’s dad’s house, bowling, playing at open gym, and hiking around Cordova Park, tubing on Lake Red Rock, and geocaching at Howell Station. The boys were excited to share all the firsts they’ve been able to experience because of Nick, “We like to do things that are fun and keep us active, we even got to go hiking on the cliffs out by the lake!” said Trenton. The boys were even able to participate in this year’s Klompen Classic, something they’ve never been a part of.

Aside from all of the fun activities, the boys both accounted how nice it was to have someone to talk to about personal things going on in their lives. They recalled that learned about football from Nick, and Trace is actually on the middle school team this year, “He’s taught me a lot about football and a lot about the positions and that has been a lot of fun.”

Mentor:  Nick Fynaardt

Local middle school counselor and football coach. He is married with two daughters. Nick began the process to become a mentor after seeing it posted in his church’s bulletin. As Nick recalls, “It’s a small time commitment, but it’s worth it.” Nick was approved to become a mentor and was then matched with two young brothers, Trenton (4th grade) and Trace (7th grade).

As for what the three have to say about JUMP for Kids, “It’s a great opportunity to invest in kids and others’ lives,” said Nick. The boys are equally excited about the program, they love getting to know someone individually and share in doing fun things.


We appreciate your support and all that you do to help us in our mission to mentor local kids and help them to recognize and reach their full potential. Thank you!