Who can be a JUMP mentor?

JUMP mentors are individuals, couples and families who are willing to share an hour a week to make a difference in the life of a child. Grandparents to young folks (at least 18 years old) and any age in between.

Who can be a JUMP mentee?

JUMP mentees are kindergarten–eighth grade students from the Pella area.

How often do mentor and mentee meet?

Mentor and mentee meet for at least one hour per week for a minimum of one year. While some pairs choose to meet at the same time/day of the week, most schedule meetings week to week depending on their calendar and choice of activity.

What do matches do together?

Activities are chosen by mentor and mentee.
Just a few ideas:

    • biking
    • cook and eat a meal together
    • play board games
    • go on a walk, Lego creations
    • climb the Cordova Tower
    • go to a free concert at Central
    • play catch
    • crafts
    • explore the library
    • attend a sporting event
    • play at the park
    • bake cookies
    • fly kites
    • woodworking
    • sidewalk chalk
    • play tennis
    • go fishing

What is the process to become a mentor?

The process to become a mentor includes an application, interview, background checks, references and training. Our application form is available under the “Be a Mentor” tab.

How are mentors and mentees matched?

We try to match very carefully, taking into consideration the preferences of mentor and mentee. Age, interests, personality, family situations. We hope to make a match that is a blessing to mentor and mentee.

What happens after the year of mentoring is complete?

At the end of the year of mentoring, mentor, mentee and JUMP staff work together to either conclude the match or continue for another year.